Police Department FAQ

Kenai Police Department Frequently Asked Questions


Q: ”I am having a dispute with my landlord (or tenant), what are my rights?"

A: Go to http://www.dced.state.ak.us/occ/pub/landlord.pdf for information about the Alaska Landlord/Tenant Act.


Q: "When can I park on city streets?"

A: According to Kenai Municipal Code 13.30.030, vehicles cannot be parked on any City street from October 1 of each fall until May 1 of the following spring, between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. of any day. See http://www.qcode.us/codes/kenai/


Q: "I have locked my keys inside my car; can an officer unlock it for me?"

A: Yes, call 283-7879 and an officer will respond, if available. You will be required to sign a release of responsibility prior to having an officer work on your car.


Q: "When are studded tires legal?"

A: September 16 to April 30.


Q: "How do I register my bike?"

A: Bring your bike to KPD; dispatch will have the registration forms.


Q: "Is burning allowed?"

A: Burning is allowed with a permit issued by the Kenai Fire Department. Call 283-7666.


Q: "What can I do about the neighbor's dog that is…running loose, digging in my yard, barking all night, leaving landmines in my yard?"

A: Contact Kenai animal Control at 283-7353.


Q: "Where is the Kenai Police Department jurisdiction?"

A: Anywhere within the City of Kenai. From approximately Milepost 4 of the Kenai Spur Highway to Milepost 15 of the Kenai Spur Highway; also north on Marathon Road to approximately Milepost 2 and Bridge Access Road to Kalifornsky Beach Road/VIP Subdivision.


Q: "What do I do if a moose won't let me in/out of my house?"

A: Contact KPD at 283-7879. An officer will respond to assist you.


Q: "There has been a bear causing problems in my neighborhood. What can be done?"

A: If the bear is damaging property or causing a safety concern, call KPD at 283-7879. A KPD officer will respond to attempt to scare the bear away.


Q: "I was in an accident and the officer said I needed a Financial Responsibility form. What is that and how do I get one?"

A: If the officer at the scene did not issue one to you, then go to. http://state.ak.us/dmv/forms/pdfs/466.pdf to print out a form and for directions on where to send it.