dispatch patchKenai Communication Center Mission Statement


To protect the lives and property of the Citizens of Kenai and it's visitors through prompt, courteous and efficient call processing and dispatching.




  •  To answer 9-1-1 phone lines, administrative lines and walk in customers promptly and courteously.
  •  To obtain the necessary information to dispatch proper responses quickly.
  •  To understand what the customer needs and ensure that response is given.
  •  To obtain all information possible and once the response is on the way to ensure the police, firefighters and medical service personnel are safe in their response.
  •  To dispatch the proper response quickly and efficiently to reduce the chance of property loss, injury or further injury to persons involved.
  •  To go home at the end of the day knowing we have given our best to help assist and protect you.


dispatch team



Personnel are required to attain proficiency in multiple disciplines of emergency dispatch and maintain it through continuing education.




The Kenai Communication Center and every employee is committed to delivering the best service possible.


dispatch roomInformation


The Kenai Communication Center is fully staffed on each shift with properly trained and equipped Emergency Medical Dispatchers to handle any emergency requiring a medical, police or fire response. The staff of the Kenai Communication Center will be using professional protocols and questioning to determine the police, fire or medical need and the proper response for the call. The public is advised that the questioning does not slow the dispatch of emergency services. The dispatching of emergency services will often occur simultaneously with the questioning and is cases of extreme emergency, the dispatcher may give preliminary instructions to help stabilize the patient while services are on the way.


Members of the Communication Center are also responsible for many areas of administrative assistance to police, fire and other City of Kenai personnel while not actively assisting customers. These services are always secondary to the safety of citizens or emergency service personnel.


Your Kenai Communication Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and committed to ensuring the prompt dispatch of the Public Safety Responder in your time of need.


9-1-1 Education


The Communications Department has developed a 9-1-1 Education Program to benefit children and adults. The goal of this program is to educate people on the proper use of 9-1-1. This program has been used to teach children such things as:


  •  Definitions of emergencies 
  •  Services provided by 9-1-1 (Police Department, Fire, and Ambulance) 
  •  When to call 9-1-1
  •  Important things to know (their home address, etc.)
  •  The program can be expanded to instruct teens and adults by including:
  •  Overview of the job of an emergency medical dispatcher 
  •  How 9-1-1 calls are received and handled on stationary vs. cell phones 
  •  Knowing your location, pertinent facts and the importance of staying calm
  •  What is happening while questions are being asked?


Anyone who has questions about the 9-1-1 Education Program may contact the Communications Supervisor at (907) 283-7879.



Contact Information


Stephen Meyer, Supervisor

107 South Willow Street 

Kenai, Alaska 99611 

Phone (907) 283-7879 

Fax (907) 283-2267 

Email: smeyer@kenai.city