Kenai Outdoor Opportunity Location "KOOL" Committee

The Kenai Outdoor Opportunity Location "KOOL" Committee was created by City Council Resolution No. 2015-47, which was adopted on August 19, 2015.  


The Committee is tasked with: 

  • Identification of an existing or new park area for the phased construction of an event park facility
  • Determination of a proposed site plan(s)
  • Develop a proposed phasing plan(s)
  • Develop conceptual designs for park facilities, stage, shelters, vending and parking areas, etc.
  • Develop conceptual cost estimates
  • Consider related issues, utilities, impacts on adjacent properties, etc.
  • Provide information to the City Council for thier use in consideration of the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

The committee shall provide periodic reports to the Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council, and a final report on or before January 31, 2016.