North Beach

View of North Beach

Above you will see a live image from the North Beach. Click to see a live streaming video.



Access is from South Spruce Street off the Kenai Spur Highway. The City of Kenai has provided a large public parking area. Space is limited


North Beach Map



Designated one-hour free parking is provided for general recreational users not participating in the dip net fishery. Parking passes must be obtained from the shack attendant and hung from the mirror of vehicle. Use designated parking spaces only (limited in number). Motorized vehicle access on the beach to the left of South Spruce Street going toward mouth of river is prohibited. Vehicular access, parking & fires on beach to the right of South Spruce Street (towards Nikiski) is permitted in designated areas.


North Beach Parking Lot

Protect the beach! The City of Kenai has provided trash-only dumpsters and restrooms for your convenience. Both are serviced daily and have limited capacity; please pack out what you pack in and do not place fish debris in dumpsters or clean your fish in the parking lot. Throw your fish waste into the ocean. Littering ordinances will be enforced, including burying refuse in the sand and deliberately discarding fish waste onto the beach and surrounding areas.

 Kenai Avenue

Kenai Avenue (beach road near the parking area) is for five-minute loading and unloading only. Since this road is so narrow, campers, buses, vehicles over 20 feet or those pulling trailers are not allowed. Do not block vehicular access or access to portable restrooms and dumpsters. Unattended vehicles will be towed and owners fined.


Protect the dunes! Ground fires, motorized vehicles, and foot traffic are prohibited on the vegetated dunes. Use the two designated walkways along Kenai Avenue or the beach below the high water mark. The dunes anchor the mouth of the river and prevent flooding and erosion. They also provide valuable habitat for shorebirds and other waterfowl. Trespassing on protected areas is punishable with a fine up to $500.

 North Beach Camping

Camping: Camping on the beach is not permitted to the right of S. Spruce St. towards Nikiski. Camping is permitted to the left towards the mouth of the river. Tents must stay 25’ from any vegetation and your paid camping receipt must be visibly displayed on your tent. Your vehicle in the parking lot must also have a paid parking receipt visibly displayed on the mirror.


For additional information on other camping opportunities in Kenai, contact the Kenai Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center at 283-1991.

Fires: Warning: Fires are permitted in a limited area. Check local signage. Ground fires must stay at least 25 feet from any vegetation. Please clean up the area, ensure fire is completely out, and haul out any debris before leaving area. Do not burn trash.